Our guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, February 6.

EastEnders (BBC1)

Kathy is still worried about Ian and is determined to make Sharon pay for what she has put the family through.

It's clear she's serious about taking her revenge when Sharon wakes up to find removal men in her flat, sent by her mother-in-law. The pub landlady tries to claim she's as worried about Ian as anyone, but understandably, Kathy isn't buying it.

Chelsea panics about Denise's disappearance, but Mick thinks he's had good news when it seems Tina has been spotted shoplifting. However, while he's relieved, Shirley blames herself for letting her sister down and vows to find her.

Max is struggling with the state of his life and ends up thinking about his late daughter Abi. So, when he sees a flyer for a clairvoyant, he decides to pay her a visit, which leaves him even more emotional - and Rainie convinced that he's no longer fit to look after his granddaughter.

Kush moves in with Dotty and arranges a 'platonic' Valentine's date with his new housemate Whitney, but it isn't long before the evening takes a romantic turn. Gray won't like that...

Coronation Street (ITV)

David and Shona are distraught when they fail to secure the mortgage they need to buy back No 8. With time running out ahead of the auction, she takes desperate action that only seems to make the situation worse.

Steve, meanwhile, is back from the Peak District and can't believe that Tracy is planning to buy the property. Despite being strapped for cash, David goes head-to-head with her at the online auction, but both are outbid by a mystery buyer.

Leanne tries to put a brave face on matters over lunch at the bistro with Nick. She also lies about her job and it's clear that Simon is becoming anxious about the situation. She causes him further concern when she becomes convinced a white feather she's found is a message from Oliver.

Johnny begins hallucinating, Tyrone makes a big mistake while taking care of the furniture shop and Ray returns with revenge on his mind.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Dawn is confused when Bear's wallet goes missing - and somehow ends up in her bag.

Jai isn't prepared to listen when she insists she didn't take it and sacks her, but Kim knows she's telling the truth and that Gabby framed her.

Kim clearly sees a bit of herself in the scheming little madam, as instead of clearing Dawn's name, she decides to take Gabby under her wing. However, the teen and her new mentor aren't going to have things all their own way, as Jamie goes back to the vets and Mack decides to fill Dawn in on Kim and Will's relationship.

Noah worries that his health problems will scupper his chances of joining the army, so he persuades Samson to supply him with a urine sample he can pass off as his own. Charity finds out and tells the assessment centre, leading to a vicious row that ends in the mum slapping her son. It leaves her so low and vulnerable, that Al sees his chance to manipulate her and get his revenge on Debbie.

Elsewhere, Matty feels guilty about keeping secrets from Amy, and Luke makes a confession to Victoria.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Charlie intends to plead guilty at his hearing, but Nancy is still convinced that Ella knows more about the night of the murder than she's letting on.

Mandy doesn't want her daughter to be grilled and goes to desperate lengths to protect her, but Ella isn't the only one in Nancy's firing line, as she also blames Sid for his part in bringing the drug dealers into their lives and then gets into a row with Grace. No wonder Darren is worried about his ex, but his insistence on helping Nancy leaves Mandy feeling insecure.

Meanwhile, as Toby worries about what Dr Ley's lie-detector test might reveal, Celeste and Cleo turn to Felix for help in rescuing him.

Marnie gets to play at being on Dragon's Den when Maxine and Trish reveal they want to rent space in Salon De The for a dance school on the same day that Cher and Romeo pitch their plans for a pop-up salon, while Sami tells Misbah he's about to be a dad - which leaves his stepmum wondering why Verity is knocking back wine at the Dog.

Home and Away (C5)

With Colby behind bars and seemingly unwilling to appeal his sentence, Bella feels increasingly isolated.

To make matters worse, Dean goes missing after everyone grows tired of witnessing his hapless efforts to win back Ziggy. Bella does, however, spend time with Nikau helping John prepare for his first-ever online date. Sadly, all their hard work comes to nothing when she stands him up.

Nikau is also about to learn a few cold, hard facts after Ari and Tane decide to tell him the truth about Paul, who has issued them with an ultimatum.

Christian grows tired of Tori's refusal to budge, so decides to leave; she, meanwhile, refuses to accept she's at fault and Jasmine would prefer to move on.

Taylor resolves to make a go of her marriage, Martha returns with a confession for Alf, and Roo tries to get Irene to open up.

Neighbours (C5)

A terrified Hendrix steals a gun and hides it in the Kennedys' pizza oven. But it's Harlow he should really be concerned about.

Yashvi may be tracking Kane, but it seems the villain could be holding Harlow hostage as part of a revenge plot against Hendrix. Nicolette also faces Kane's wrath, and could make things worse by suggesting asking the gamblers for information.

Sheila and Des's efforts to ascertain Clive's true feelings by staging a fake date end in disaster. Later, she decides to reinvent herself on realising how poisonous her behaviour is to Des's friendships.

Speaking of poison, Kyle realises that Roxy accidentally put toxic mushrooms in his winning dish and considers dropping out of the competition until Dipi withdraws to give him a fighting chance.

Dipi also steps in to take care of Shane after he's involved in a horrific incident, while Amy decides to help Jay.