The mid 1990s are notable as we can gain a real insight into what life was like on the cusp of the move towards a society that would become dominated by technology following the millennium.

The period itself was littered with historic events including the divorce of the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1996, followed by the Princess' sad death the following year. Other notable events included the election of Tony Blair's New Labour to Government in 1997 and the birth of Dolly the sheep.

At the top of the charts were acts such as the Spice Girls with their classic single 'Wannabe', Baddiel and Skinner with 'Three Lions' and Los del Rio with 'Macarena' alongside the Britpop craze consisting of legendary bands such as Oasis and Blur.

In sport, the Euro 96 championships began in England, with the host nation drawing 1–1 with Switzerland in the opening game. England would reach the semi-finals on home turf and came within inches of beating Germany at Wembley when talisman Paul Gascoigne couldn't quite stretch far enough to meet a cross which would've put the Three Lions into the lead in extra time. Terry Venables' side would eventually crash out on penalties following their valiant efforts and Germany would go on to win the tournament.

The Summer Olympics were also held in Atlanta United States that year.

More than 4 per cent of the UK population (some 2,500,000 people) now had internet access and as today's gallery demonstrates, the world was on the verge of revolutionary change as we entered a new digital age.

The same sense of community and good humour that is present in our region now is very much apparent in today's gallery as you will see!

Here we see fun in the sun in hot summers alongside cold snowy winters, alongside notable events in and around Whitehaven from this time.

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