Sellafield Ltd is seeking full planning permission for land preparation works.

The work would involve the bulk excavation and reprofiling of an area on the West Cumbrian site to create a serviced development platform for future development.

The intention is to create a platform to allow future delivery of the Lightly Shielded Store 1 (LSS1). This will be the subject of a future planning application and judged on its own merits. It is Sellafield Ltd’s intention to submit a planning application for LSS1 in 2021.

The application reads: “Sellafield Ltd’s purpose is to create a clean and safe environment for future generations.

“To do this we must mitigate the major national risk on the Sellafield site and so high hazard risk reduction remains our number one priority. Sellafield Ltd is committed to providing safe and secure storage capacity for arisings from operations, high hazard risk reduction activities and broad-front decommissioning on the Sellafield Site.”