After employees of a nuclear site raised concern with the organisation's Covid safety measures, Whitehaven News readers shared their thoughts.

Staff at Sellafield Ltd shared their fears and issues with the restrictions in place, with multiple members saying they felt unsafe going into work.

Another said they had been told not to wear a mask, and that face coverings "are no longer allowed" on site.

A spokesman for Sellafield said this was false, adding that there are safety measures in place across all sites, with staff being advised to wear a mask at all times unless sat at their desk.

And now our readers have shared what they think, with Fiona Findley saying: "No job is worth risking your life for.

"I think its awful though that office staff basically are told to work from home and shift workers have to go in as they don't have the option to work from home how is that fair.

"At the end of the day its those people who are risking they lives having to attend work."

Louise Brown added: "Doesn't help that some have attended for work unwell. Or that some staff [have had] parties!"

Kayren Kare commented: "It's a joke really. They say safety is the number one priority on Sellafield, well why are people still working? When this new variant I much worse than March!

"The only way to stop this is to stop people working there, use a skeleton crew. But no, money is more important than people lives."

Darren Ennis came out in support of Sellafield, and said: "Outside of Covid, Sellafield Ltd is one of the safest places in Europe and most of the current Covid measures are already part and parcel of safety and security at Sellafield including masks where necessary.

"It also has to be acknowledged how they have set up their own track and trace system so quickly. Some so called blue-chip companies haven’t even managed that.

"Plus well done for all the support the staff have been giving to the local community during the pandemic."