A GLOBALLY renowned activist has spoken against plans for a coal mine in Whitehaven ­— and a Cumbrian group is considering launching a legal challenge based on its proximity to Sellafield.

Secretary of State Robert Jenrick revealed on Wednesday that he would not call-in plans for the Woodhouse Colliery coal mine proposed for the west Cumbrian coast. The Secretary of State’s decision means the final say now lies with Cumbria County Council.

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg has spoken out against the decision, and believes it is at odds with the Government’s zero carbon ambitions.

She said: “The UK government has decided not to intervene with the plans of opening a brand new English coal mine” she said. “This really shows the true meaning of so-called ‘net zero 2050’. These vague, insufficient targets long into the future basically mean nothing today.”

News & Star readers took to Facebook to air their views. Keith Ashbridge commented: “I’m pretty sure sir David Attenborough would agree with her, he knows his stuff that fella.”

Timothy Godfrey said: “The big issue is this coal mine will be used to power the green revolution.”