Cumbria needs to carry on following Government recommendations, to ensure rates continue to stabilise and hopefully lead to a further decline in coronavirus cases.

That is the message from Colin Cox, director of public health, following the news Cumbria has been placed under tier two restrictions.

He also said Carlisle had narrowly avoided tougher tier restrictions.

Here’s what you had to say about it:

David Smith said: “So if it was a proper national lockdown, schools and colleges should have been closed and we would have been in tier one now. Surely if people are going to get together at Xmas, it would make sense to close schools and colleges two week before Xmas on the 11 December.

"That would give kids two week before meeting up with their families over the Xmas period.”

Nichola Todd said: “Carlisle were already in tier 2 prior to lockdown. Looks like lockdown worked then, not. Now we’re all clumped together under Cumbria. None of it makes any sense.”

Ann Pilkington said: “Copeland on the TV survey was the lowest in Cumbria. Why are we classed with Carlisle 50 miles apart?”

Paul Whalley said: “Northumberland next door are in tier 3 let’s nip next door to Cumbria for a meal and a drink.”

Gary Graham said: “Carlisle hospital has been empty since day one of lockdown, that is a fact! Perhaps the Covid ward has gotten busy at certain points, but that has been rare and never close to overflow. The Sands has been converted into an emergency hospital which hasn’t seen a single patient.”