A PROUD West Cumbrian writer has released a new book – and it's not just the lucky readers who will benefit from owning it.

Inspired by her beloved cousin Mary's family, author Jenny Martin has written the real-life story of Villain, the cuddly German Shepherd puppy who grew into an award-winning police dog.

Jenny, who grew up in Whitehaven, has released many works over the years, including In Our Father's Footsteps and Mining Memories, and all have been close to her heart.

But none have had such a cute main character, with One Dog and His Cop focusing on little Villain's journey to becoming the top dog on the force.

"In about 2001, Mary phoned me to say that her son-in-law, Graham, had been accepted for training as a police dog handler," the 82-year-old writer, who now lives in Cheshire, explained.

"I was over the moon, unable to wait to hear stories of the villains Villain had caught, single-pawed, of course!

"That gets you to Chapter 1, and the explanation for my life-long love affair with working dogs of all types."

And while Jenny hopes the book, published by SilverWood, will provide hope and joy for readers as we enter 2021, furry friends will also see some help, with all proceeds from the book going straight to Dogs Trust.

The mum-of-two and grandmother-of-three often takes inspiration from her Whitehaven-raised family, and her time spent in the seaside town, feeling a close connection to everything from the harbour to the cliffs, and everything in-between.

Commenting previously on the town, Jenny said her favourite memory will always be the West Pier Lighthouse, which was the inspiration for one of her personal favourite poems, Night Light.

She added: "It's so comforting – it's always there.

"We'd come home in the dark and I'd always look out for it, and when I'd see it, I knew I was home."

To buy your copy of the heartwarming tale, and help a dog in need while doing so, visit www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk, or purchase a copy via Amazon.