A Cumbrian MP has joined a group of Government backbenchers questioning the coronavirus tier system.

The Covid-19 tier restrictions announced on Thursday have proven to be a source of conflict and strife within the Conservative party.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced plans for tier restrictions after the second national lockdown’s end on December 2.

Parliament is set to vote on the restrictions on Tuesday but MPs within the party have warned that they may not toe the line.

Workington MP Mark Jenkinson is among a group of backbenchers criticising Government’s response to Covid-19.

The Covid Recovery Group is calling for clarity on new rules ahead of Tuesday’s vote. Mr Jenkinson has also written to the Prime Minister asking for evidence on the efficacy of new restrictions following the announcement of county wide tier two rules in Cumbria.

“I was disappointed to see a county as sparse as Cumbria lumped in together. I get the idea that people do cross the borders on a regular basis. Allerdale’s rate did start to rise when Carlisle’s did. The bit that I see as unfair is the fact that we started in tier one, we’ve had a four week lockdown and come out in a stricter tier two.”

Mr Jenkinson said: “I have to justify these restrictions to my constituents which is why I’m asking the Government to justify them to me. I have a healthy scepticism of some of the measures but I’m not a wholesale lockdown sceptic.”

He added that the UK Government’s coronavirus response has been hailed by independent organisations and that England is not the only country that has seen lockdown multiple times.

The PM responded to a letter from the faction last week, appeasing them somewhat but concerns remain.

Speaking shortly after the tier announcement, Carlisle MP John Stevenson said: “The fact it is county-wide is fine at this stage but if different parts of the county improve or worsen, I think there should be flexibility in the tier system.”

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison said: “The question I would have for colleagues voting against the Government on Tuesday is what outcome would they desire?”

Mrs Harrison added that the outcome of exiting lockdown with dramatically scaled back restrictions would be “morally indefensible”.

"The thing that I’m dreading is when other local leaders criticise the Government for putting us in tier two and only mention the infection rate."

Mrs Harrison added that there are a number of factors that determine a region’s restrictions.