THE COMMUNITY of Egremont has reacted with anger after a group of young people were seen flouting lockdown restrictions and throwing objects at cars.

A group of 12 to 16 year-olds were seen in the Orgill area of Egremont, not only flouting lockdown restrictions but also throwing objects at cars and people’s windows.

Neil Ferguson said: "There's often a group of adolescents that do seem to cause a lot of problems in Egremont."

A group of youths have been gathering in areas of the town such as the underpass and Egremont Castle, littering and in some cases setting off fireworks in a reckless manner.

Mr Ferguson said: "They tend to be the same group of about 10 to 20. When they get separated by police officers doing patrols, they move off and cause problems."

Areas such as Orgill are seeing anti-social behaviour from young people on their way home from these kids of gatherings.

Mr Ferguson added that it is "frustrating" for the town council who have focussed efforts on community work.

He said: "It makes it very disappointing for the town council, most of our councillors go out litter picking and getting rid of graffiti as well as helping out with the Covid-19 response during lockdown."

He added that, although there are a number of factors, the second national lockdown may be playing a part in the issue.

"It's been exacerbated by lockdown.

"The youth clubs are closed so there's nowhere for them to go."

He paid tribute to the work of organisations such as Phoenix Youth Club and Young Cumbria.

Councils are working closely with police officers on the issue.

Mr Ferguson said: "It is very disappointing but when you see reports from Whitehaven, Cleator Moor and Distington, everyone has their share of anti-social behaviour.

"Everything that comes to us gets passed to the hub and PCSOs."