HOPES for a nuclear future in Copeland may have been dealt a blow.

A news leak has led industry figures to believe that the Sizewell C plant in Suffolk will be next to receive Government backing.

County councillor David Southward MBE believes a green light for the Suffolk site could be a death blow for plans at Moorside.

“I don’t believe the country is going to get more than two new sites. I can't see there being a need for a third one.

He said: “I worked with the NuGen team for years while they tried to build Moorside, that failed because Government wouldn’t help with the funding.”

Plans at Moorside rest on the Government’s White Paper detailing their clean energy strategy.

The decree is set for release after a Treasury review on November 25 and it is hoped that the Government will create the right culture of investment for the private sector.

The Clean Energy Park neighbouring Sellafield could see two EPR-type reactors along with SMR reactors, with the right investment from firms like EDF.

Deputy chairman of Copeland Borough Council David Moore still has high hopes for the clean energy project.

He said: "The next site that will be in the mix will be Sizewell C. That's the next one that is expected to come online but the people involved with Sizewell have an interest in the Clean Energy Park.

"We're still awaiting that White Paper. All the ingredients are there we just need them to come together."

The potential clean energy hub is one part of a national strategy to reduce carbon and achieve a net zero future.

Last week, Cumbria County Council announced their decarbonisation strategy which looks to reduce emissions from their owned buildings and land. Mr Southward said of the strategy: "We’re going to put renewable energy into our buildings, there will come a time where we can make things better for the environment."