You have been giving us your comments after Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall launched Time to Share - Bereavement Service Community group with funding from the Community Covid-19 Recover fund.

The money will pay for an eight week project and came as a welcome boost to Time to Share Bereavement Services, led by director Ashley Lloyd. The service provides bereavement care to children and adults who are experiencing grief.

Fiona Fowler said: "At last all your hard work is coming to fruition! Now many families will be able to benefit from your service. Well done Ash!"

Del Jones said: "Well done Ashley. What a relief! You so well deserve this funding. Best wishes."

Tracey Newbold said: "Fantastic service for the local community."

Lydia Cannon added: "Oh brilliant news, an amazing lady!"

Louise Garrity said: "Fantastic news, truly amazing lady."

Rachel McCarron said: "So pleased for you Ashley. You are a true credit to Cumbria!!! Will always appreciate everything you do."

Liz Donnan said: "This is great news Ashley. You are so lovely with all the families and such vital work."

Judith O'Connell said: "They deserve a bit more funding, this can help so many people after losing a loved one."

Deb Stephenson said: "This is excellent news. Well done Ashley, the help and support you give to families is amazing and so vital."

Angie Greasley said: "And rightly so, well done Ashley, but more will be needed. You're amazing."

Anna Hall said: "Excellent news, the group helped my daughter after the loss of my husband."

Yvonne Messenger added: "Well done Ashley.

"We can't thank you and your team enough for supporting the boys though such a difficult time. Well deserved and pleased there will be support for others."

Janet Moore summed many of the comments with: "Congratulations - Ashley is such a lovely caring lady."

Time to Share – Bereavement Services community group was launched yesterday with funding from Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall, who said the work done by the bereavement team is “quite humbling”.

The team works with children following the death by suicide of a parent. The project, which has recently been awarded £3,070 as part of the Community Covid-19 Recovery fund, offers therapeutic support to children and families who have experienced bereavement or loss.

It will fund an eight-week after-school course for the family, where the community group will support children and adults that have had similar experiences to develop and help at often the most difficult time in their lives.