A musician has written about his hometown as well as what may lay beneath the surface when it comes to those who “live for the weekend.”

Aaron Spencer, of Whitehaven, wrote his second single when he first started sampling the town’s nightlife.

The track, which is set for release on Friday, is titled Flower and was produced during lockdown.

The lyrics tell the tale of a young woman who “hides behind her outfits and makeup as she struggles to find the space to blossom and flourish.”

“That’s why it’s called Flower; a flower needs to be in the right environment," he said.

A strong theme in the song is also the troubles that may live beneath the surface.

Aaron said: “I wrote the song when I started going out to pubs and clubs in Whitehaven.

“Nights out have always been influential for my songwriting. There’s an air of escapism, remedy and even desperation. The song is about a young girl who is living for the weekends.”

The song digs below the surface and states that there’s more of a sombre reason behind people’s actions.

“You shouldn’t judge unless you are willing to spend some time in their shoes," he added.

Aaron has made the best of a difficult period for musicians.

Flower began life as a bedroom demo, created in Aaron’s home studio during lockdown.

He later brought in his band members to add the finishing touches. The final recording sessions took place at Oscillate Recordings in Manchester.

“It’s tough but you can’t do anything about it," he said. "It’s made me learn more about having an online presence."

Although born in Whitehaven, Aaron lives in Liverpool, producing music in the home of The Beatles.

He added: “I was supposed to move back in March but because of lockdown I’m working from home.”

Liverpool is the ideal place to be creative.

“It’s a great place," he said. "it reminds me a bit of home, the people are really friendly, you can be on the train and a stranger will tell you their life story.”

The musician has played for short spells in bands but launched his solo career with Sticky Dancefloor, his debut single earlier this year.

Aaron will be hosting a listening party on Instagram Live with his followers to celebrate the track’s release.

The livestream will begin at 8pm on Thursday and will include an exclusive early listen.