Residents have lashed out at council suggestions to expand a village's boundaries – and now readers of The Whitehaven News have had their say.

Many of those who live in St Bees have expressed their frustration over Copeland Council's proposal to move the village border, allowing for more homes to be built in the area.

Main concerns include increased traffic on already busy roads, lack of amenities in the area and excess strain on the village.

And our readers seem to agree, with Amanda McGlennon saying: "It needs to have commitment for the associated infrastructure expansion or improvements to work.

"Traffic is already very heavy – [it's] impossible to park cars at times, [and there is] no bus route anymore.

"It’s not just expanding the population without [knowing] how these issues would be addressed."

Martin Hurst added: "Ridiculous, unless you invest millions into the roads in and out of the village."

Sue Cannell said: "We have the same problem in our village and there are plans to build in an area that floods, and the roads are terrible."

But reader Tim Woodend felt it would be a positive change to the village, saying: "Surely this would bring more money to the area? [I] don't get the problem."

Tony Weir added: "They were quite happy when their houses were built, but [now] they don’t want any more."

Do you think the proposal would benefit the village, or simply put more pressure on its roads and amenities? Let us know your thoughts at