Readers have shared mixed views on the use of fireworks, following a plea from Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service to "think twice" before planning a firework display this year.

The fire service in Cumbria issued a call yesterday for residents across Cumbria to think very carefully before organising a fireworks display in their yard or garden this year.

One reason for the plea is the fact that Covid-19 restrictions place a limit on the number of people from different households who can gather - six as a maximum, and no inter-household mixing at all indoors in Barrow, which is now in tier two.

The other reason for the call is the fact that with public fireworks displays cancelled due to the pandemic, firefighters nationwide are concerned there could be a spike this year in private fireworks use - which will also bring a greater risk of fires being started, or injuries being sustained.

Some News & Star readers were unhappy with fireworks being used privately, in part because of the effects they have on many pets.

Jacqueline Bilsland said fireworks have been "going off for a while now" close to where she lives, leaving animals in the area "terrified".

The effect fireworks have on nearby animals is a concern shared by many readers, such as Kelham Seán Lahey: "they scare animals and you’re just setting fire to your money."

Some called for the private sale of fireworks to be banned, such as Alan Willie Rogerson.

Sammy JB added that she was "sick of hearing fireworks for the past fortnight.

John Wightman was however not happy at the thought of private fireworks use being discouraged, in light of the number of other events cancelled on postponed this year, including organised fireworks displays.

"Everything else about this year's been ruined, why would we not have garden firework displays?"