A WEST Cumbrian family man who has travelled the world, worked hard and enjoyed playing in brass bands is celebrating 100 years of happy memories this week.

Joe Neen turned 100 on Monday and had lots of fun marking the special occasion with family and friends at Fairways Residential Home in Workington.

Mr Neen was born in Moor Row on October 19, 1920, and moved to Cleator Moor when he was four years old. His father, Ronald, was a butcher.

Mr Neen went to school in Cleator Moor, where he enjoyed sports and was fond of the high jump.

He served his apprenticeship at the Cleator Moor Iron Foundry.

"Work was hard then, I once worked a 31½ hour shift," said Mr Neen.

During his time in Cleator Moor, he also worked on the looms at the Kangol factory making berets for the army.

Mr Neen then married his wife, Margaret, and they moved from Cleator Moor to Briscoe Mount in Egremont.

He worked at Chapel Bank in Workington and finished the last 27 years of his career at Sellafield, working in civil engineering.

Mr Neen has two sons, Clive, who lives in Cleator Moor, and Carl, who lives in Parton, and is very proud of both of them.

For 40 years, Mr Neen was passionate about playing solo euphonium in the brass bands of Egremont, Moor Row, Cleator Moor, Moresby and Carlisle.

On his 100th birthday he received a card from the queen and celebrated the big day with his sons .

He enjoyed an afternoon tea at Fairways, where he moved to in March 2019, and a singalong with residents and staff.

Manager Maud Wilson said: "Joe is an absolute gentleman and always has a smile to greet us with. He is an exceptional, warm character.

"He has enjoyed travelling the world during his life and says that his secret to reaching his 100th birthday is that he has never smoked or drank too much and has had a good life.

"We wish Joe a very happy 100th birthday. It has been a pleasure to celebrate this with him and we look forward to many more."