With plenty of uncertainty surrounding us and many feeling like all hope is lost, it’s time to turn our attention to the most special occasions – and getting excited for the future again!

In week 12 of Copeland Borough Council’s campaign, encouraging all to Shop Local and Keep it in Copeland, we’re giving bridal shops the much-needed boost, and reminding everyone planning a wedding that there is still plenty to look forward to.

And one team doing their best to keep spirits high is Blush Bridal, based on Whitehaven Harbour.

"It's a really difficult time, and a lot of brides are quite disheartened and I think a bit worried about planning anything, just in case the rules change again," manager Shannon McGlennan said.

"Some brides are worried that if they buy their dress now they'll have to store it for years, or the dress won't suit the season they end up getting married in.

"But we're still here for them – we're storing all the dresses, and can do until their wedding day, if needed!

"And we're always here to help brides and support them, and give them a really special day."

And if you're looking to buy your bridesmaids dresses online, think again, as the caring team are there to dress your entire entourage.

Shannon said: "We still stock bridesmaids dresses, so we're offering more stretched out and smaller-sized appointments for you to find the perfect dresses, and we have prom dresses as well, so everyone can come to us!

"It's about having something to look forward to.

"Events and weddings may be postponed or cancelled, but you can still have a really nice day planning ahead with your bridesmaids and thinking of what a gorgeous day you'll have when the time comes."

She added: "It's all about staying positive, and still letting yourself get excited in the build-up stage as well as for when the big day comes."

But it's not just about the dress when it comes to your special day, with flowers also being a key part – and at Laura's Floral Designs in Millom, positivity is vital.

Owner Laura Forbes said: "I've only had two weddings this year, so it's definitely been a bit of a bummer.

"They're a big part of the shop, so it's been quite worrying – a nightmare, really. But we're still here, and people can still be planning ahead for when things are better again, and that's the important thing."

She continued: "It's so disheartening for so many people at the moment – one couple has had to cancel their wedding three times, and it's just awful seeing them so upset but not being able to do anything.

"Things will get better though – we just have to stay positive and upbeat, and hopefully one day soon it'll be the time for hugs and weddings again!"

So while it may feel like there's no end to the stress and confusion, remember that wedding planning is a time to bond, get excited, and, most importantly, have fun.

As Laura says, pushing your wedding back simply means more time to plan, and make sure your big day is everything you want it to be – so keep smiling, keep looking ahead, and Keep it in Copeland!