In today’s fun nostalgia look-back, we looked through our archives to find our region’s most intriguing lookalikes from down the years.

There is no doubt that there is a great deal of fun and amusement to be derived from the realisation that a friend or family member is the spitting-image of an A-Lister or even somebody more obscure. To some, the comparisons are a major sticking point but to others it is a coincidence that they roundly have embraced.

In fact, some people resemble some of our favourite household names so much that they are able to gain work impersonating their doppelganger.

We have everything from a classic impersonation of the ‘King of Rock and Roll’, Elvis Presley to more obscure musical names such as former Pop Idol star Gareth Gates, that have caught the eye over the past couple of decades.

There is no doubt that some of those pictured will be recognisable to readers, in more ways than one! Perhaps you may have had to do a double take in a local restaurant over the years or stopped at a set of traffic lights and been convinced that you had spotted a bona fide star of the screen making their way through Cumbria.

Likewise, for those featured in today’s gallery, these pictures are guaranteed to bring back a flood of memories of a fun, but no doubt peculiar, day or evening. Everyone certainly looks like they are having fun in today’s gallery!

If you have spotted a lookalike in recent times, see yourself featured or feel a friend or family member is the spitting image of a famous figure, do not hesitate to get in touch.