During times of uncertainty, what better comfort is there than the seemingly unmoveable, long-standing stores on our high streets?

As we enter week 11 of Copeland Borough Council’s Shop Local campaign, it’s time we looked back on the glorious – and endless – years that some shops have spent supplying our communities with goodies and necessities, throughout both good times and bad.

And one store that has remained a firm family favourite – and is literally fit for royalty – is RB Woodall, at Waberthwaite.

The family-run butchers has been a staple of the community for almost two centuries, with records dating to 1828, and one very regal reference.

"The Duke of Edinburgh was listening in on the food stall at the Lowther Horse Trials while we were all setting up, and then a member of his staff came in and bought some sausage from us, and we've been providing them with sausage and hams ever since," company director, Joyce Hadwin, said.

Whitehaven News:

"We send them a special dry cured bacon, because [the Prince] likes it very fatty.

"Wherever they are, our meat follows, really! They have it up at Balmoral, Sandringham over Christmas, Buckingham Castle – we get the call from Buckingham Palace, and send the meat to wherever they are."

But it's not just the Royal Family that the Woodalls team is grateful for, as they have seen plenty of customers over their many years in the community.

Joyce said: "We have people coming in who used to live opposite as children – people bringing their children and grandchildren in, showing them where they used to live and buy their meat.

"It's really nice to see people visiting us like that, and to have people from all over the country coming to the shop and buying from us.

"It's quite scary times at the moment, especially as we come up to Christmas when people would normally be buying big turkeys and cuts of beef for their family dinners, but we are so grateful to everyone who supports us."

She added: "We appreciate all the support and understanding of all our customers, and we're so pleased they all came back when we could reopened after lockdown."

Another popular butchers, which has been standing for more than a century, is the fabulous Wilson's Butchers at Egremont.

The family-run shop has been up-and-running since 1906, and has offered top-notch meat to the town ever since.

Whitehaven News:

And while co-owner Barbara Wilson has her concerns for the Christmas period, her gratitude for all those lovely, loyal customers is never-ending.

"We still get all our little oldies coming in to buy just two sausages here and there, and it all makes a difference – every little sale is what keeps us going," she said.

"It is very scary and sad to think about what could happen during Christmas, and if we have another lockdown, but we're putting special offers on and things like that to get people interested, so hopefully people think of us when doing their shopping."

She added: "We are so grateful and thankful to all our customers for coming back to us, especially after we felt like we'd let everyone down by closing during lockdown.

"We get our beef from just up the hill, we get our lamb from St Bees, our pork from Wigton – our meat is as local as you can get, and the best quality we can find.

"It means such a tremendous amount when people choose to shop with us, and we really are so thankful for our customers."

There are plenty of independent butchers, bakeries, green grocers and more throughout the borough, so why not stray from your typical supermarket of choice and stroll down the high street for a change?

Pick up a handful of freshly-sliced bacon – fit for a prince – or a cut of Cumbria's finest beef from your nearest butchers, and fill your boots with a gorgeous Sunday roast.

Each and every family-run business in the community will thank you for it – and your tummy will, too!