Thousands of pounds in fines has been imposed on seven people caught flouting strict lockdown measures.

In the first court of its kind in Cumbria, each of the defendants was sentenced for deliberately leaving their homes without a valid reason - going against the nationwide efforts to stay at home and protect the NHS.

Rachel Louise Gent, 36, of Water Street, Carlisle, was convicted of being out of her home in the city on May 14.

She was fined £440 and must pay a £44 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

The same fine and costs were also imposed on Louise Chambers, 31, of Maple Street, Barrow.

She was convicted after being caught without a valid reason in Barrow on March 30 - just one week after the national emergency lockdown was imposed.

Naomi Ann Nicholson, 35, of Windermere Road, in Whitehaven, was also landed with a £569 court bill after travelling to Workington on April 8 without good reason.

For Sheldon Harley James O'Neil, 32, of Orchard Street, Carlisle, the financial cost was not quite as severe, after he saw the error of his ways.

He pleaded guilty to travelling from his then-home in Bousteads Grassing, Carlisle, to Great Corby on April 9.

His guilty plea meant the fine was limited to £80, plus £32 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

It was not just Cumbrians dragged before the court however.

There was widespread concern over people travelling to Cumbria during lockdown, and the courts had no hesitation in imposing hefty fines.

Simon Jevons, of Grosvenor Close, Great Sankey, Warrington, deliberately left his home to come to Ulverston on May 3.

The case against him was proven and he was given a £660 fine, plus £66 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

The court ruled that the higher Band C fine was warranted because of Mr Jevons "did not leave when warned to do so".

John Ward, 41, of Thistle Grove Caravan Park, Dumfries, was caught in Carlisle on May 16.

He was fined £440, with £85 costs and £44 victim surcharge.

Jon Walsh, 43, of Valetta Road, Ealing, London, pleaded guilty to travelling to Sedburgh on April 24 without a reasonable excuse.

Despite the guilty plea, the extreme journey saw the courts hit him with a £1,200 fine, £120 fund for victim services and £85 costs.

An eighth person, Samantha Elizabeth Andrews, 47, of Jefferson Park, Whitehaven, was accused of taking part in a gathering in a public place of more than two people on May 12.

That case was dismissed though.