After being unable to attend her own sister's funeral due to being in hospital, staff at West Cumberland made sure one woman could say goodbye – with her own special service.

Ethel Nicholson, of Distington, was heartbroken when she was unable to go to her sister Jean Craghill's funeral, held on October 3, and spent her days upset whenever the upcoming event was mentioned.

And while the 83-year-old expected all along to sit in the church chapel on the day of the service, the hospital staff went the extra mile for the special patient.

With Chaplin Davy Jones reading through the official order of service, and a Ward 3 nurse playing the funeral music, the thankful Distington woman spent time saying a final goodbye to her sister, and remembering the many years of memories and friendship they had shared.

Commenting on the day, Ethel's caring friend Nicola Stephenson said: "Ethel was extremely touched and grateful for what the hospital staff did for her, and she said she felt like she was at the funeral.

"When I spoke to her that evening, she was so humbled by the staff's kindness."

"We just want to say a massive thank you to all the staff on Ward 3 at West Cumberland Hospital for making such a difference at such a difficult time for Ethel," Nicola said.

"The staff at the hospital, especially Ward 3, have been fabulous throughout Ethel's stay, as has Chaplin Davy Jones."