Children at Arlecdon Primary School have taken part in a week of fun sporting activities.

The annual week of events is organised by the Frizington school to allow the children to experience a different variety of sports not offered on the regular PE curriculum and to develop their skills.

Ranging from two to 11 years old, pupils took part in a variety of activities including; canoeing; kayaking; ghyll scrambling; high ropes; cycling; trips to Rookery Woods and a Forest School.

Jasmine Jolliffe, teacher at the school, said: “Sports week is an annual event that I started several years ago. Initially, it was an idea to allow children to access sporting activities that they would not necessarily encounter in order to broaden their experiences. However, over the past couple of years, it has morphed into a progressive skills-building week. All children take part in both a water-based and a climbing-based activity that allow them to build on skills year after year. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, last year was disrupted and this year’s activities have had to be slightly altered, but working with our external groups we have been able to cater for the continuation for the progression of skills.

“This year, all children in years one to six were able to experience canoeing for their water-based skills. For climbing, the younger children undertook indoor rock climbing, years three to four had a go at high ropes and years five to six went ghyll scrambling. The early years children also take part and this year were able to explore Rookery Woods as well as improve their biking skills at Watchtree Wheelers. We also incorporated our first Forest School adventures for all children in the school, to tie in with sports and healthy living.”

She added that the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and many challenged themselves to take on new and sometimes daunting tasks, but they tackled the obstacles head-on and emerged more confident than ever.

Emi in year one said: “I’ve got better at climbing, I didn’t want to get down,” and Minnie in year four said: “I faced my fear of heights.” Sydney in year six added: “Jumping off the corkscrew was awesome.” James from year five said: “I improved in helping other people.” Harry in year six added: “I have improved in all my skills and activities from last time.” Eoin in year six said: “It has improved my skills in all areas; it’s been awesome.”

Miss Jolliffe added: “It feeds into how they approach potential problems in day-to-day life and gives them the courage to try new things, even when scared. It provides lifelong experiences and lessons and we are all looking forward to it again next year!”