How, if it is true are you going to deny students at universities going home to their families for Christmas without thinking of the consequences?

Over the weekend, some 770 students went down with suspected coronavirus. What next?

The Government has gone into panic mode and is making things worse.

Students, especially the first year intake, will be struggling coming to terms away from home and the security of home life and now not knowing what is next to come along and mess up their lives - without thinking of the long term problems they will encounter.

We need to look at the consequences of what the government and the universities have imposed on these students and take action before it’s too late.

We cannot and must not throw away our future income of professionals like teachers, doctors, nurses, and many more without looking at all aspects of the way the authorities are dealing with this problem.

Therefore, can the Government and the universities please get together and sort it out and not act like hens in a hen house with a fox in it.

Finally, we must also look at the action of some students behaving in the way they do which might - and I say might - contribute to the virus spreading the way it is and must also take some the blame for the spread.

Christmas is going to be worse then a damp squib. Time for all Governments to get together and start to sort out this huge problem called coronavirus before it takes over completely.

Herbert Crossman

Via email