Shameem Arnold has received several nominations for person of the week because, during the pandemic, she has put people ahead of profit.

Shameem, 43, of Seascale, started the exercise programme Moky Fit 10 years ago and has turned it into a thriving business.

As well as running classes, licensing other instructors and providing them with the choreography, Shameem has a thriving online business.

People can subscribe to access the classes at any time convenient to them.

“When lockdown began, I decided that I wanted to keep some sort of a routine for myself as well as my cusomers.

“Thanks to my husband Mat, who is the technical expert, I was able to do live sessions each day – and continue to do it.”

In his day job Mat is a senior engineer working at Sellafield but is also a director and supporter of his wife’s business.

With the technical aspects worked out, all Shameem had to do was ensure that her six-year-old twin boys, Seth and Zayn, were kept happily entertained.

“That is when the bribes came out – allowing them to play video games or something.

“They have been really well-behaved, though, and this week one of them even sang for us!”

Shameem said the free, live sessions have had spin-offs that she had not considered.

“Families have not been able to see each other during lockdown. I have been told stories of people connecting by doing the live sessions together – an example is a mother down here with a daughter in Edinburgh.”

She has also been pleasantly surprised at who has joined.

“We have anything from 20 to 100 people. They come from all over, including a few from Manchester.”

Tracy Reid, one of those who nominated her, said: “I wanted to nominate Shameem.

“Her smile, laugher, passion for exercise and loyalty to everyone who attended her classes shines through the TV. She is keeping us all motivated during such a difficult time.”

Lindsay, another nominator, said the group raised £3,000 after Shameem organised a ‘Mokython’ for Race for Life.

The free sessions are on Monday to Friday from 6.25 and Friday at 10am and will continue until it is safe to meet up again.