SUGGESTIONS that students may be asked to remain on campus over Christmas have been addressed.

This week a number of national newspapers ran headlines claiming that the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) warned that students should be told to stay on campus over Christmas to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

However, other reports from different outlets have clarified that SAGE's observation was that the risk students’ return to communities at the end of term poses, requires national oversight, monitoring and decision making.

The University of Cumbria said students have been advised to limit their travel between home and halls as much as possible, however it has developed a robust outbreak management plan.

A spokesman for the University of Cumbria said: “University of Cumbria’s first priority is the safety of its students and staff.

"We follow all government guidance and advice from public health authorities, we have developed a robust outbreak management plan and continuously review and update our guidance issued to staff and students.

“Students have been reminded of their responsibilities as our academic year gets underway and they become a part of our university and local community.

"University of Cumbria acknowledges the efforts students and staff are making to follow official guidance and support the safety and social distancing measures we have introduced across all areas of our operations.

"Our students in halls of residence, like those attending other universities, have been advised to limit their travel between home and halls as much as possible.”

Earlier this week the Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new restrictions for England. However these are not as stringent as the ones imposed in March.