RESIDENTS of Cleator Moor are concerned about speeding on a road in the town which they fear could result in injury to a child.

Kelly Manford of Leconfield Street fears for the safety of children in the area having seen many instances of speeding.

She said of the street which carries a 30 miles per hour speed limit: “It’s been going on since I started living here.

“I was talking to my neighbour and she said it’s been going on for 30 years.

She said: “It’s not just peak times 9-5, it’s 4am. They just fly up and down at all hours.”

Kelly works shifts at West Cumberland Hospital and given that she keeps unsociable hours, she can hear cars speeding down the street during the night. Kelly has posted an appeal online to residents for possible solutions. One commenter said: “We have this problem on Jacktrees Crescent it’s a serious accident waiting to happen, it’s a built up area, cars parked bumper to bumper on both sides.”

A series of incidents on the street add to her concerns.

She said: “My wing mirror has been taken off. My husband’s van was written off.”

Kelly added that there have been collisions with parked cars being pushed down the street.

“I’ve got three young children, next door has four children. There is a lot of children around.”

She has particular concerns about children looking at mobile phones and potentially walking into the road while a car is speeding.

Cumbria County Council has said that it is aware of the issue and will work with residents to address the complaint.