Although West Cumbria’s most famous annual event has been cancelled due to the pandemic, the team are still thankful for the endless support – and are offering a special thanks to a lucky handful.

The beloved Egremont Crab Fair and world-famous Gurning Championships will not go ahead for 2020, after fundraisers and social gatherings were halted by Covid-19.

But the devoted team behind it all are still grateful for every ounce of help and encouragement from their supporters, be it residents of the town, traders or fair owners.

“Without them all, it would never be possible,” Crab Fair secretary, Daniel Shutt, said.

“We normally would spend so much time with everyone who helps us organise it all, so it’s a big miss for us not being able to have a pint and chat together this year.”

The thankful committee member added that while many have asked – if not begged – for a virtual Gurning Championship to take place, it’s just not possible.

Daniel said: “It’s not the sort of thing you can do online – the effort people put in to changing their faces like that, you need to see it in person.

“It’s a shame, and it really is a sad time for everyone.

“The only bonus is that everyone’s going through it together, so we aren’t alone in our disappointment.”

He added: “The current gurning champions will hold their titles, and will have to defend it next year, fingers crossed!”

And while no virtual events are going ahead in the fair’s place, a special two-night event is set to fill the Crab Fair void, with limited tickets available.

The La’al Club at Egremont will host the music-filled evenings, with The Beatles Boy and Mark Summer Elvis taking to the stage on Friday and Saturday (September 18 and 19).

For more details, including how you can grab one of the last available tables, visit the Egremont Crab Fair Facebook page.