Visitors to one of the Lake District’s top beauty sites continue to put others at risk with irresponsible parking, councillors have claimed.

As staycations remain the most popular choice for Brits, tourists have flocked to Wasdale in all weather to enjoy the scenery and tackle England’s highest mountain.

And following a spate of what was branded irresponsible and dangerous parking, with drivers lining the narrow lanes, an electronic sign – VMS – was put in place next to Wastwater in a bid to deter visitors from risking lives by blocking the road with their parking.

Funded by Cumbria County Council, the sign is based at the Santon Bridge-Gosforth y-junction next to the lake.

And while the warning seems to have been heard by some, many continue to ignore the guidance and park in road-restricting spots.

County councillor Paul Turner said: “The VMS seems to have had some impact on the situation, and has been a success to a certain extent, but there are people who have ignored the advice and still decided to park dangerously.

“A high level of enforcement has been carried out, including tickets being issued, and long term solutions on how we can properly tackle the issue are being discussed.”

The concerned councillor, who represents Wasdale, added that while the popular area is a hot spot for the issue of parking, it is a county-wide problem, with the parish council, county council, Copeland Borough Council, National Park and National Trust coming together to find a solution.

“It’s a shame that people have ignored advice, because it is a safety issue, but we’re working together to solve it.”