When you’ve run out of ways to treat yourself, after filling up on your favourite pub grub and getting those much-needed highlights, there’s no better way to go than giving your pet a well-deserved pamper as well.

And with the countless pooch-loving places throughout the borough, there’s no end to the ways you can get your beloved pet’s tail wagging and chops drooling.

Offering one very fabulous experience to all the dogs in town, and fixing all the slightly dodgy trims they’ve received during lockdown, is Lydia Jane Waddington with Wags Boutique.

The dog groomer offers a range of treatments for dogs of all sizes, shapes and styles, covering everything from a classic trim or re-style to a special doggy massage and even a scale and polish for those pets that aren't fans of getting their gnashers brushed.

"It's been really busy," the pleased animal-lover said.

"I've had lots of very hairy dogs coming in who have had a full cut or shave – I've been doing a lot of short back and sides!"

But between styling the prettiest pooches in town, the Millom woman loves seeing her customers leave with more than just perfect hair, with many dazzling their owners with sparkling teeth and a sense of calm when leaving the store.

Lydia said: "It's really nice to see the amount of support from everyone in town after lockdown.

"I've got a really good clientele who have never left me, and it does mean a lot.

"I always offer special treatments to give the dogs a proper boutique experience – I had a little paddling pool outside the shop when it was really warm and everybody was loving it!"

She added: "I always do lots of offers, so the best way to support me and other businesses is keep using us!"

Further up the coast, another pet fanatic has plenty to offer every single visitor – both four- and two-legged.

Marion's at Egremont is known throughout the town for its wonderful offers during the pandemic, providing the area with essentials for pets and owners-alike when the country was in lockdown and supplies were low.

Owner Marion Mossop, also known as the Sausage Lady for her infamous endless treats for every dog that wanders past her shop, said: "It's great to see local people supporting local businesses.

"Larger businesses can be cheaper, so it's really nice that people do come to us and keep us going."

She continued: "We have food and treats for dogs, horses, rabbits, cats, everything, and we also have chutneys and jams and fresh veg for people, so we do have quite a lot to offer!"

If you're feeling down because you don't live near either of these wonderful shops, worry not, as there are plenty of groomers and pet shops dotted across the borough, each offering their own unique customer service and array of treats.

Businesses from The Pet Shop at Millom and Snips & Co at Beckermet to K9 Kuts at Frizington will see your pet bouncing, smiling and wagging all over the place – and what more could you ask for?