COASTGUARD rescue officers from Whitehaven were called to help a yacht which had made a mayday distress call.

The vessel, which had five people onboard, including a baby, started taking on water in the Allonby Bay area on Monday.

Whitehaven Coastguard Rescue Team responded at 10.25am, alongside colleagues from Maryport Inshore rescue and Workington RNLI.

A wind farm vessel and trawler came to their immediate aid, helping retrieve two women and the baby from the yacht.

Everyone on board was safe and well following the ordeal.

Workington RNLI pumped out and towed the vessel to Maryport Marina.

Whitehaven's coastguard said on Facebook: "This type of incident shows the importance of carrying a VHF radio and knowing how to use it to raise the alarm to the coastguard, as soon as you identify you’re in difficulty. This enables the required assets to be tasked and work jointly to help ensure a positive outcome like in this case."