EXPERTS on extreme sports are set to conduct a study on whether the Copeland coast could become a top destination for thrill seekers.

International sports consultancy firm 4Global has been commissioned by Cumbria's Hidden Coast Programme to create a feasibility study.

The study will look at whether Copeland could become a key destination for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Mayor of Copeland Mike Starkie said: "While our area already has many adventure attractions, a coordinated approach could enable Copeland to rival other parts of the UK, such as North Wales, for adventure and adrenaline sports activities and facilities.

"I look forwards with interest to hearing how we can enhance and promote what we offer to adventure-seekers."

4Global has partnered with specialist architects and business advisors LK2 and leisure and culture trust Magna Vitae to bring a range of expertise to the study.

Project director Andy Preece said: "Copeland has a unique combination of lakes, the Lake District Coast and mountain landscapes. There is outdoor adventure, great dining and a rich heritage.

"The study will seek to ensure sustainable and appropriate development of an already amazing place to visit and live. It will focus on the provision of high-quality facilities and services for residents and visitors, creating a prime location to do business and enjoy leisure time."

The study will define emerging markets and explore the challenges to expanding what is currently on offer. A full report will be published in January 2021.