The coastguard were called out at the weekend, after a member of the public spotted a hoard of ordnance on the beach.

Millom Coastguard Rescue Team received the call on September 13, following a report of suspicious items at Drigg.

The team confirmed that the items were ordnance - military weapons or ammunition, sometimes from world war II that wash up on shorelines.

Photographs were sent to the military explosives ordnance disposal and the Royal Navy EOD Team from Northern Diving Group at Faslane came out in the evening.

They disposed of a number of items, until early on Monday morning.

Advice on finding anything out of the ordinary is to leave it where it is and dial 999 and ask for coastguard.

If possible give a grid reference, use the 'What Three Words' App on phones, or even leave an indication of location with a pile of stones above the high water line.