A wind farm at Lowca looks set to continue operating until 2030.

Cannock Wind Farm Services Ltd has applied to Copeland Council to vary the planning permission for its seven turbines at Park House Farm to allow them to operate until the end of March 2030.

The original planning permission allowed the turbines to run for 20 years from the date that they first began generating power, which was in March 2000.

The application has been recommended for approval by the council's planning officers and a decision is due to be made by councillors at a virtual meeting of the planning panel on Wednesday.

A council report prepared ahead of the meeting said: "The planning and place manager considers the proposal to be of sufficient importance in planning terms to refer to the planning panel for determination."

As part of the consultation on the plans, two people submitted objections because of concerns about the number of turbines in the borough and the impact on the area's character.

They called for the turbines to be removed to reduce visual and noise effects on residents.

Cumbria County Council did not object made it clear that a public footpath and bridleway run through the site must not be altered and obstructed.

The report continued: "Overall, the continuation of the life of this wind farm for a further limited period would provide benefits in terms of the production of renewable energy which are considered to outweigh the limited harm which the proposal would cause for the remainder of the life."

It was noted that that harm would be to the character and appearance of the area.

The applicant is not proposing to make any changes to the turbines, which are three-bladed turbines and 40m high – measured to the central hub. Each blade is between 23m and 24m long.

Conditions of the planning permission would require the land to be cleared and restored within a year of either the permission expiring or electricity ceasing to be generated from the site, and any turbine which is out of operation for six months to be dismantled and removed.

A screening request was also submitted to Allerdale Council earlier this year concerning plans for turbines run by the firm at Siddick and Oldside in Workington to operate for 10 more years.