Holidaymakers from Cumbria can rest assured that they will not need to isolate for two weeks when returning to Scottish airports from Portugal and Greece.

The most recent conflicting advice for quarantining when arriving in different UK nations from abroad has created confusion for travellers who are calling for clarity.

In England, the UK Government has decided not to impose restrictions on people entering the UK from the two European countries, but devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales have taken a different stance, ordering periods of isolation to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Linda Kirkbride, of Keswick Travel, said many of their customers travel from the Scottish airports, especially at this time of year when they often get cheaper deals as pupils across the border return to school.

Thankfully though, she said this won’t affect people who live in Cumbria.

“It won’t make any difference to them what airport they are flying into. The quarantine is relevant to where you actually live,” she said.

"If you fly to Scotland but you live in England you will not to quarantine and that's just more confusing. It's a hard job trying to keep on top of it all really."

Quarantine regulations in Scotland however, apply to travellers into Scotland from Portugal and Greece irrespective of their point of entry into the UK.

With the guidance constantly changing, Mrs Kirkbride and co-director Susan MacPherson, who set up Keswick Travel 19 years ago, have been speaking with customers on a regular basis and keeping a close eye on the Foreign Office website.

"It's been tough to manage and a lot of people aren't travelling at the minute because they are not sure. It's a situation they daren’t risk. If they are self-employed and have had a weeks holiday and then they have to quarantine for two weeks, that's three weeks without pay."

She added that with so few people travelling this summer it's had a "massive" impact on their business.

"We are riding the storm, which is a hurricane at times, but we are just being positive," said Mrs Kirkbride.

"We've moved a lot of holidays to next year and it looks as if it's going to be a really good year.

"We're just looking forward. We'll ride the storm and come out the other end and we'll still be here."

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has acknowledged that the varying advice has created confusion but said due to the devolved approach in the UK he could only be responsible for quarantine guidance in England.

The Cabinet minister said the Government's review concluded no changes were necessary partly because test positivity in Portugal came down while the number of cases overall in Greece had fallen.

In Wales, the need to isolate for 14 days when arriving from Portugal, Gibraltar and seven Greek islands came into force at 4am on yesterday.

In Scotland, passengers arriving from Portugal will have to quarantine from 4am today, as well as those arriving from French Polynesia.

Scotland began requiring travellers from anywhere in Greece to enter quarantine from Thursday.

Northern Ireland chose not to change its guidance, meaning Greece and Portugal are still exempt from the restrictions.

Anyone entering the UK must complete a passenger locator form.