A west Cumbrian girl has won a national competition, joining the ranks of celebrities such as Ringo Starr and Kiera Knightly in the process.

Evie Murray, 11, entered the #PinYourThanks competition alongside the rest of her bubble at Beckermet Primary School after returning to the classroom in June.

She had to design a pin badge to be sold, alongside those drawn up by famous names, in support of Volunteering Matters and NHS Charities Together.

Badges can be bought for unsung heroes of the coronavirus pandemic.

Evie was asked to appear on BBC One's The One Show on Thursday as a finalist but, after her design was shown, actor Hugh Bonneville revealed that she had, in fact, won.

Her design, featuring four arms reaching across the world towards a heart, beat hundreds of other entries from across the country.

Evie told presenters Alex Jones and Gethin Jones: "I just wanted to show how everyone around the world, every race, just came together to help each other out."

Evie's win was announced on the day her brother Alfie and their twin cousins Luke and Jacob Noble all turned seven.

Alfie made a brief TV appearance while the presenters wished him a happy birthday.

Evie plans to pin her badge on her grandma, Sandra Noble, also of Beckermet, who was really supportive during lockdown and always looks on the positive side of life.

Mum Claire said: "Despite the fact she could not hug her or go in her house she kept supporting her while we stood on the drive.

"I'm very proud of Evie and the reasoning behind the design she chose. She definitely gets her artistic skills from her dad, not me!"

Entering the competition was not Evie's first effort to support the community during the pandemic.

During lockdown, Claire, Evie, Alfie and dad Nick dressed up Ben the bear in their front garden every day, bringing joy to villagers who loved seeing him and sent photos to family and friends around the world.

Evie's badge design is available to pre-order at pinyourthanks.org costing £5.

They are currently being made and are expected to be ready in about two weeks.