The son of a Liverpool footballing legend has called for fans to support the Save Shankly’s Reds campaign after he dropped by for a tour of Borough Park.

Paul Moran, son of former Liverpool FC captain and coach Ronnie Moran, visited the home of Workington’s very own Reds last Thursday.

He said he was aware of the Save Shankly’s Reds campaign to help raise money to save the future of Reds.

“The people of Workington are really nice and I am aware of the Bill Shankly connection," he said.

“All non-league clubs need help but they seem to have quite good support in Workington.

“Liverpool put the campaign on their Twitter page and caused a bit of trouble as they hadn’t done that for local teams who are in the same position.

“Workington are fighting for sponsorship and are a bit isolated, as they haven’t got a local rival at their level bringing fans, some are bringing fans to the Northern Premier League, but they haven’t got a big local derby.

“It is a difficult time for all non-league clubs, especially as they are being asked to play behind closed doors.”

Paul is pleading with fans to get behind the campaign to keep Reds alive.

“It’s something people should support, all locals should get behind it. You will notice it more if it goes and you won’t have a football club to go to.

“It will be something to do when this all blows over.”

Paul added he was impressed with Borough Park.

“I was impressed with the ground,” explained Paul. “You hear things about it as Marine, who are local to me, are in the same league.

“You hear things like it is falling apart but I was impressed with it, I thought it was nice.

“It was much better than I thought it would be. I love non-league grounds and the fact it is not the San Siro doesn’t matter to me.”

Paul said there is one big difference between grounds in Liverpool and those in Cumbria.

“The main difference is the backgrounds, which are different in terms of how the backdrops look,” he said.

“They are more interesting when you compare that to Liverpool where it’s all houses around the grounds.”

The 58-year-old, who lives in Waterloo on the Merseyside coast, also visited a number of other Cumbrian grounds during his trip.

He stopped by at Ambleside United, Windscale AFC in Egremont, Cleator Moor Celtic, Coniston, Cockermouth, Bootle and Keswick.

Despite visiting eight grounds during his trip, Paul has one clear favourite.

“I really enjoyed my visit to Workington, they had the best and also the biggest stadium by far,” he explained.

“I went all around the ground and in the Shankly lounge which is being refurbished, so all the pictures of him were down.

“There were pictures elsewhere though. It was really good, I really enjoyed it.”

Paul has also been invited to attend a Reds match when the virus situation settles down, an offer which he says he will be taking up.

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