A duo behind a campaign to tackle weeds in Whitehaven have been told there is no point in “just naming and shaming”.

Town councillors Gemma and Edwin Dinsdale announced earlier this week that they were launching the campaign on social media, asking people to highlight parts of the area that require attention.

Mr Dinsdale said he wanted people to share the pictures on residents' pages on social media and on the Name & Shame Copeland Facebook group, using the hashtag #WeedsofWhitehaven.

But Julie Rayson, deputy mayor at the authority, raised concerns about the initiative at a town council meeting on Thursday.

She said: “It’s a great idea but you need somebody leading it, there’s no point in just naming and shaming and have just negativity.”

Ms Rayson added she was concerned people may also start taking pictures of people’s properties.

“I’m concerned that with a social media campaign, if we don’t deliver, we’re opening ourselves to criticism.

“I’m also worried that people may start taking pictures of the front of people’s houses. There’s already been a number of negative comments, I just think that if it was done in another way it would be better.”

She added a task force could be set up, headed by Mr Dinsdale.

He said: “Between Gemma and I, we have submitted 27 reports of weeds. This hasn’t just been going on for weeks, it’s been years and I’m asking councillors to get behind it.”

Mr Dinsdale said he wanted everyone to take responsibility for the issue in their area, including businesses and the harbour commissioners.

He said this was the sixth time he was raising issues about weeds with the town council in 12 months.

He told Ms Rayson: “If you want me to be the lead, I would be happy to.”

Mr Dinsdale said a “real blitz” was needed.

But Miss Dinsdale reminded councillors it was everyone’s responsibility to submit complaints for issues with weeds in their ward.

She said: “I’m happy to support and advise anyone, but don’t expect us to do it for you.”

Overgrown trees and verges can be reported to the county council by submitting a report at this link: cumbria.gov.uk