A west Cumbrian man is due to appear in court after he allegedly made more than 10,000 indecent images of a child and attempted to wipe the content of his tablets to avoid conviction.

Liam Rothery, 31, of Ceda Park in Whitehaven, is due to appear at the crown court in Carlisle on August 7. He will answer two charges.

One alleges that between October 21 and November 6, he made seven category B and 10,000 category C indecent images of a child. Making indecent images covers everything from forwarding an email of an indecent image, to unknowingly downloading an image to a hard drive.

Category C is the least serious type of indecent images.

The other charge alleges that on November 7 in Whitehaven, Rothery obstructed the course of public justice by attempting to wipe the content of his tablets in order to avoid conviction.

When he appeared at the magistrates' court in Workington on Friday, he was granted unconditional bail.