What do the stars hold for you this Wednesday? Astrologer Russell Grant reveals all...

ARIES (March21st-April20th)

Someone will share some strange footage caught on a webcam with you. Feel free to give your own views about what you see. Someone who fancies you is bombarding you with texts and phone calls. If you aren't interested, be honest and stop pretending you aren't getting their messages.

TAURUS (April21st-May21st)

You long for more freedom. Life feels restrictive and you want to break out of this rut. A trip out into the countryside or a walk on the beach will help clear away the mental cobwebs. When you look at your life from different perspectives you will realise you have more options for change than you realised.

GEMINI (May22nd-June21st)

Invite a friend or relative to join you on a future holiday. They will be grateful for the invitation and planning for the future will bring you both closer together. You want to make things happen and you're ready to take the initiative. Add positive action to positive thinking and you will achieve something to be proud of.

CANCER (June22nd-July23rd)

You might jump at the chance of something different early on. Later when you are asked to make another commitment, you will be a little more cautious. Be willing to make some changes, even if it means admitting you were wrong. Sometimes on second thoughts, an idea isn't as good as it first seemed.

LEO (July24th-August23rd)

A relationship is on your mind. You feel someone is starting to take advantage of your kindness. Whether this is a romance, friendship or working partnership, there should be an equal amount of give and take. Everyone makes errors. Try to laugh off your mistakes and don't be distracted from your aims.

VIRGO (August24th-September23rd)

A close bond is in need of some maintenance. If you don't put some time into this relationship now, someone else will try to interfere. Be careful how you word things to friends on social networking sites. One person in particular is unusually touchy and could read your words the wrong way.

LIBRA (September24th-October23rd)

Give some thought to a workmate's ideas and proposals. You might see problems where they see opportunities. With your help, they could avoid making a big mistake. You will do all you can to get the best out of a joint arrangement but you aren't happy with this state of affairs. Don't take chances if you're uncertain about facts or figures.

SCORPIO (October24th-November22nd)

A friend won't be happy when you ask for a favour. Even though you've always been there for them when they needed you, they seem to have forgotten this. You're about to find out who your true friends are. A home related issue will be resolved. It will be a relief to have overcome this problem.

SAGITTARIUS (November23rd-December21st)

You can't be in two places at once even though it would be great if you could be. Friends want you to join them in their plans but you've made other arrangements. You're going to have to let them down gently as people have been missing your company and really wanted to see you.

CAPRICORN (December22nd-January20th)

Ignore a partner if they say they don't need romance or flowers. Everyone needs to feel loved and now is a good time to let them know how much you care. Be honest about your feelings and encourage them to be open with you. This will help relationships grow and bonds will deepen.

AQUARIUS (January21st-February19th)

Contact people who have the experience or qualifications to help you reach your goals. Don't feel guilty about reminding someone they owe you a favour. You have been preparing yourself for a change but you hadn't expected it to occur so quickly. This brings forward an important decision you need to make. There will be benefits from this transition.

PISCES (February20th-March20th)

A team of staff will be getting together to look at safeguards being put in place to manage a work or study environment. Working in small groups and having access to specialised equipment will seem like the best way to manage social distancing. You're prepared, in a good way, for what is to come.