With government guidance in-place and safety measures required, the council has been forced to move – to one of the most historic buildings in town.

Whitehaven Town Council completed its move to the old Whitehaven News building on Monday (July 6), and councillors are pleased to be at the public’s beck and call once again.

Formerly based at the Civic Hall, councillors will now be homed at the Queen Street building at the heart of town.

The decision to make the move was made on May 19, and Mayor of Whitehaven, Councillor Brian O’Kane, couldn’t be more pleased that it's finally complete, and councillors can now talk to the public face-to-face once again.

“The council is back to being alive and wanting to get involved, and do what we can to help the public,” he said.

“There's more can do than just planting flowers for the public, and more that we need to get involved with, so we're excited to now be available to speak to the public in person again, and have the chance to properly discuss issues."

The team redecorated the office, which has been empty for more than two years, with Coun O'Kane expressing his particular thanks to Robin Gorley and coun Chris Hayes for all their hard work bringing the "brilliant" building up to scratch.

He said: "The Whitehaven News building is such an historic, key building in the town, and looking at the infrastructure, it's just a brilliant piece of work.

"Robin and Chris did such great work decorating – it looks really good."

Following government guidance, the people of Whitehaven are welcome to visit the new office but will be required to social distance.

Councillors are also offering free face masks to everyone who comes in, in a bid to keep everyone safe, and feel confident that they can share their thoughts on the town without the risk of catching Covid-19.

Coun O'Kane added: "The most important thing for us is being there to speak to people, offer advice and hear what they have to say, so we're pleased to be able to do that now, and also hold our virtual meetings to give everyone the chance to speak to us."