Outraged residents have shared their upset over roadworks due to be carried out on a major village road, just as businesses are able to open after months of lockdown.

Work is due to begin on Whitecroft, Holmrook, from Monday, with a section of the road being closed while repairs are carried out and the road is prepared for resurfacing.

But many feel the work, which is expected to last for two weeks, couldn’t have come at a worse time, with multiple businesses being blocked by the closure.

The Bridge Inn at Santon Bridge is one pub affected by the works, with owner Steve Cottrell feeling hurt and ignored by the “disregard for local businesses”.

“I couldn’t believe it when the sign was put up right outside the pub,” he said.

“Everything’s difficult enough as it is after three months of being closed.

“We’re having to get used to new rules and get some money behind us, and then they go and close the road.”

He added: “I just feel completely ignored – they clearly have no regard for local businesses, and they just don’t care.”

Taking their frustration to social media, residents said the works “could have been done during lockdown”, with the road due to be closed as lockdown is lifted being branded “misjudged” and “disgraceful”.

Many turned to Cumbria County Councillor and Gosforth Parish Council chairman, Paul Turner, for answers, saying the work is not essential and is only going to cause problems for surrounding businesses, including pubs and holiday cottages.

But Coun Turner has taken steps to reassure the village, arranging for an engineer involved with the plans to speak to those with concerns, and put their minds at ease.

“It’s vital works that have been in the schedule for at least two years,” Coun Turner said.

“It has to be done at a certain time of year, and we’re using this road closure as a chance to carry out other maintenance work, including drainage work for where it floods, and work to the side of the road where it’s collapsing.”

He added: “Unfortunately someone is always going to be inconvenienced whenever works are carried out, but this has been scheduled for a long time and it needs to be done.”