A community radio station is set to host a world famous veteran of dance music.

St Bees Community Radio, which is run by volunteers, will host the world famous DJ Judge Jules on Saturday as co-host alongside Whitehaven’s Mark McLaughlin.

DJ Judge Jules, who has been touted as a legend of the dance music industry, will join Mark on his regular dance anthems set between 6pm and 8pm.

It is a dream come true for Mark, 40, who has been a fan of the DJ for years.

“He’s been my idol from when I was a young lad. When I started getting into radio I was listening to him.”

Mark started out in radio recording his own mock shows at 14 in 1994. Since then he has become a familiar voice in the local airwaves, hosting shows on BBC Radio Cumbria, Select 107 FM, Egremont FM and more recently St Bees Community Radio.

Dance music has always been a passion for Mark who served as a resident DJ at North in Whitehaven aged 26 and by age 30 he was co-owner of the club.

In that time he has developed the skill of knowing what to play at the time.

“I’ve always been able to read the dance floor,” he said.

“By this stage I was a dad and worked full time in the challenging nuclear industry."

Mark continued: “Something had to give though and it was DJing that went; this was so I could have my weekends back to spend with my family.”

He retired from the industry aged 35 but recently dusted-off the decks when St Bees Community Radio asked for his help.

Mark said: “With everything that’s happened recently I felt I wanted to give something back to the local community, I just didn’t know how or what avenue to go down.

"When I heard about St Bees Community Radio I knew I could somehow help out with the experience I had accumulated over the years.”

The radio station is keeping people occupied during the coronavirus lockdown and Mark was shocked by its success.

He said: “It’s gone from having 20 people listening to 5,000 listeners on weekends."

Since the community station started, it is believed they have reached 100,000 listeners. Last week the station hosted Christina Novelli, international star of the music scene and the daughter of famous chef Jean-Christophe Novelli.

The station is capitalising on its recent success with the set from DJ Judge Jules, who made his name in clubs and on radio around the world.

Mark said: “I’m really looking forward to doing the show.”

Mark’s employer Otis Worldwide has supported his return to radio, donating £2,000 worth of prize money to the station.