Our choice of programmes to watch week beginning Saturday, June 6.


The Masked Singer US (ITV, 4.40pm)

New series. A chance to catch the original US version of the show in which mystery celebrities battle it out in a singing contest while dressed head to toe in elaborate costumes, while a panel of more famous faces tries to guess their identities. Nick Cannon oversees the contest, while panellists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and regular star of the British spin-off Ken Jeong try to work out who is behind the mask.

Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer (BBC1, 9.15pm)

Few would ever have imagined that lanky former England footballer Peter Crouch would one day be adding his name to the list of Saturday night variety show hosts – but here he is! Maya Jama and Alex Horne and his band The Horne Section will also feature, and together they aim to give the British public a taste of some of the major events they're being forced to miss this summer, with help from celebrity guests.


Romeo and Juliet: Royal Shakespeare Company (BBC Four, 9pm)

Shakespeare's most tragic love story is revived in this modern interpretation by the RSC where two star-crossed lovers risk everything to be together. Captured live in Stratford-upon-Avon, deputy artistic director Erica Whyman's lively 2018 reimagining focuses on the pains of adolescence and the difference in settling conflicts with words instead of violence. Bally Gill and Karen Fishwick star.

Killing Eve (BBC1, 9.15pm)

The bad news for fans of this pitch-black thriller is that tonight's episode is the last in the third series – but the good news is that a fourth has already been commissioned. But what loose ends will be left dangling in tonight's finale and who will live to star in another edition?

Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery (C4, 9.15pm)

New series. Documentary examining the killing of British tourist Peter Falconio in Australia's Northern Territory in July 2001, exploring the details and questions that surround this infamous case.


The Bidding Room (BBC1, 3.45pm)

This new series comes from the makers of The Repair Shop. Hosted by Nigel Havers, The Bidding Room is set in an emporium in the Yorkshire countryside where a group of expert dealers will be trying to outbid each other to buy extraordinary items brought in by the public.

Devon and Cornwall (C4, 8pm)

The return of the documentary series examining life in the two counties in south-west England, following Cornish fisherman Phil Trebilcock as he heads out to sea to find lobster and crab. In foothills of Exmoor, farmers Rob and Sarah Taylor ready their native ponies for the show season, while on Lundy Island, warden Dean Jones is hopeful that the seabird colonies are making a comeback.

Sitting In Limbo (BBC1, 8.30pm)

After living in the UK for 50 years, Anthony Bryan is called in by his manager at the care home where he works and told she has received a letter from the Home Office claiming that he has no right to work in the UK and is suspending him. A few months later, immigration officers arrive at Anthony's front door and he is put into a van and taken to a detention centre in Dorset. Drama based on a story from the Windrush scandal, starring Patrick Robinson, Nadine Marshall and Pippa Bennett-Warner.

Ocean Autopsy: The Secret Story of Our Seas (BBC Four, 9pm)

Viewers will embark on a journey to carry out an autopsy on the ocean itself, where leading oceanographer Dr Helen Czerski and zoologist Dr George McGavin will reveal the startling changes it's undergoing. The duo will look at the water's toxicity due to industrial chemicals and investigate a plague of microplastics saturating the water.

Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich (BBC2, 9pm)

New series. Insight into the principality on the French Riviera, with access to the royal palace as well as the super-rich and those who serve them.


Celebrity Supply Teacher (CBBC, 9.25am)

Over the next few weeks, a host of famous faces are delivering fun-filled lessons to children in lockdown from the comfort of their own homes. In today's episode, astronaut Tim Peake offers up a fascinating lesson all about space. He gives his tips for surviving in space, including how to eat, drink and go to the toilet. Then, from his back garden, he demonstrates the science behind how space rockets work using household materials to create his own rocket and launcher. Marcus Rashford, Jeff Hordley and Zoe Henry, and Heston Blumenthal also present classes this week.

Bake Off: The Professionals (C4, 8pm)

Liam Charles and Tom Allen set two chocolate-themed challenges for the four remaining teams in the third episode - and one of the tasks they will face has never been seen before in the show. For the climactic showpiece round, the teams are required to make a firework-themed creation, which must incorporate moving parts as well as featuring chocolate entremets.

The A Word (BBC1, 9pm)

Rebecca pays a visit to Joe's school to teach the class about pregnancy, an experience which eases her worries about her own child's future. However, while driving back to the Lakes, she goes into labour, and faces the prospect of giving birth by the roadside with only Joe on hand to help her. Ben returns from work in Derby with bad news for Alison. Ralph moves into his new flat with Katie, and Louise finds the experience of her son leaving home hard to take – but Maurice proposes a drastic solution to her loneliness. Last in the series.

A House Through Time (BBC2, 9pm)

David Olusoga explores the house's history from the 1880s to the First World War, a period that saw the property sliding down the social scale and turning from a family home to a multiple occupancy. He discovers how a resident responded to the death of his baby daughter by opening a milk bar for the temperance movement, only to get into legal trouble for watering down his product. David also discovers the story behind a mysterious occupant who lived in the house under a pseudonym and learns how the battle of Passchendaele changed the residents' lives forever.


Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad (ITV, 8pm)

New series. Bradley Walsh and his son Barney embark on another road trip across America together, beginning their adventure in Los Angeles. Kicking things off in Venice beach, the pair get in shape with a game of volleyball and pump some weights at Muscle Beach, but the following the day Bradley is pushed to his limits when Barney reveals he has arranged for them to go skydiving.

The Railway 24/7 (C5, 9pm)

Behind the scenes at TransPennine Express, the company running some of Britain's busiest trains. Prior to lockdown, seven million more people were using the services than 10 years ago and new trains are due to ease overcrowding, but the project is over schedule. To add to TransPennine's woes, in this episode it's early December, the busiest time of the year on the railways, but 60 per cent of TransPennine Express's trains have been cancelled or delayed that month – leaving the staff facing angry commuters. Will a new timetable solve the problem or create new ones?

Cardinal: Until the Night (BBC2, 9pm)

When a new victim is found, it becomes increasingly clear that the murderer's main targets are not the victims themselves, but their loved ones. Police work to establish a link between the two deaths, but crucial information continues to elude them. Meanwhile, John and Liz grow closer as they focus on the case. Crime thriller, based on the John Cardinal Mysteries series by Canadian author Giles Blunt.

Staged (BBC1, regions vary)

David Tennant and Michael Sheen team up for this six-part comedy about the cast of a play who are furloughed when their upcoming West End production is brought to a halt. But the show must go on, so they are trying to continue their rehearsals in lockdown. Filmed using a combination of self-shooting and video-conferencing technology.


Ross Kemp: Living with Dementia (ITV, regions vary)

Last year, the actor-turned-presenter announced he wanted to make a programme about Alzheimer's in tribute to his former EastEnders co-star Barbara Windsor. Her husband Scott Mitchell announced in 2018 that she had been diagnosed with the condition four years earlier. Kemp fulfils his wish via this two-part documentary, which opens up the subject to include other forms of dementia.

You Are What You Wear (BBC1, 8.05pm)

New series. Rylan Clark-Neal hosts a fashion makeover show, with five stylists advising a diverse range of people in need of a significant style overhaul.

Outlander (More4, 9pm)

Jamie and Claire are surprised when Lord John Grey drops in on Fraser's Ridge with an unexpected travelling companion – young William. Murtagh is understandably not impressed with the arrival of the English lord, but agrees to keep Jamie's secret. Then, as Jamie takes William hunting and fishing in the forest, William angers the Cherokee by taking a fish from one of their traps. But is Jamie willing to sacrifice himself to protect the boy?

What We Do in the Shadows (BBC2, regions vary)

New York-based vampires Laszlo, Nadja and Nandor are back for another series of bloodsucking misadventures. Laszlo and Nadja finally get their own familiar, Topher. He's hugely efficient, which annoys Guillermo, and his sudden death leads the vampires to hire a necromancer to revive him - with disastrous results.


The Gadget Show (C5, 7pm)

New series. Jon Bentley takes Google's latest laptop - the Pixelbook Go - on a day's work experience at one of the world's foremost news websites. The G Team assists some NHS nurses who want to see how gadgets can get them improve their sleep patterns when working night shifts. Plus, Craig Charles attempts to turn a house into a smart home using off-the-shelf DIY kits.

The Other One (BBC1, regions vary)

New series. Comedy about two sisters, both called Catherine Walcott, who have no idea the other exists until their father dies. Cat wants to spend as much time as possible with Cathy to make up for the last 28 years and, as they were born just five days apart, decide to organise a joint birthday party. In the wake of their dad's demise, the pair struggle to find his will, while their mothers war over which family the late two-timer loved most. Stephen Tompkinson co-stars, alongside Ellie White, Lauren Socha and Rebecca Front.