THE Cumbria RL shirt, worn by county rugby league stars against England in the Garry Purdham memorial game 10 years ago is set to go back on sale in memory of the victims of the West Cumbria shootings.

Former Whitehaven and Workington Town star Garry was one of the victims in the tragic events a decade ago as Derrick Bird killed 12 and injured 11 more in a shooting spree in the county.

Months later, in October of 2010, over 5,000 fans turned out to see Cumbria pull off an astonishing 18-18 draw against an England RL side, with Garry’s brother Rob named the county’s man-of-the-match at Whitehaven’s Recreation Ground.

A Cumbrian side including St Helens star Kyle Amor, and a host of top flight players like Will Sharp and Euan Dowes, led by Rob Purdham, gave a tough England side a run for their money, in a packed ground.

England counted the likes of Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Micky Higham, Richie Myler, Joe Westerman and Ben Westwood among their ranks but the Cumbrians, playing with the spirit of Purdham front and centre, pulled off a fabulous result.

With the Purdham family’s backing the shirt will now go back on sale to remember the victims of the tragedy and also to raise funds for the NHS.

Dave Farrell, who runs Farrell Sports in Cleator Moor, said: “This will be a special 10th anniversary release of the jersey worn by Cumbria on that day.

“It will be in memory of Garry Purdham and the other 11 people who lost their lives in the Cumbria shootings of June 2, 2010.

“Their names are remembered on the reverse of the shirt with the aim of raising funds for NHS charities in Cumbria in accordance with the wishes of the Purdham family and families of those who died.

“It acknowledges the service of the NHS to the local community in the current Covid-19 crisis with a £15 donation from each jersey sold.”

Go to for more information or to place orders online.

Garry Purdham’s former amateur side Egremont Rangers are also marking the 10-year anniversary of the shootings with a new shirt, with his initials GP stitched into it.

A social media post read: “There isn’t a day that goes by where Garry and all the victims aren’t remembered and they will never be forgotten.

“This year Egremont Rangers' new strip will have Gary’s initials GP on them to honour his memory.

“We wish every strength to all the families, friends and everyone in the community that was affected by the events that unfolded 10 years ago, but together we are Cumbrian, we are strong, we are together, we will never forget them!”