The show must go on. That is the determination behind a campaign launched by the Rosehill Youth Theatre to save The Solway Hall.

The charity has been locked down by the coronavirus and is not available for Government or any other charitable help because it is not considered to be a front-line charity.

It is an essential part of Whitehaven and district life, however,

The hall is used by anything up to 100 other charities, including other theatre groups, events for people with disabilities, Age Concern and more.

It has also become a licensed wedding venue for ceremonies and receptions and is usually booked out at weekends.

The hall has been a major commitment and major success story for the Rosehill Youth Theatre which took it on to provide a centre for community events.

It was leased from Copeland Council and sits with the Civic Hall.

Now, after being closed for two months, with no income, it is finding it difficult to meet its financial commitments including the lease.

The group has now launched its The Show Must Go On campaign, urging people to book for post-pandemic events and to donate money where they can.

Trustee Anne Kelly said: “We would like to thank everyone over the last five years who have supported us, everyone who has volunteered, booked our facilities and attended an event.

“As a volunteer group, we hope we have done Whitehaven proud.”

But she said the RYT needs support now more than ever before.

“We are asking people to make donations to our campaign if you can, or, when we reopen, for you to book our facilities for your event, party or wedding or book tickets to one of the many events that we hold. All this would really help us at this time. The Show Must Go On!”

Together We Can Fundraising director Julieanne Kelly said: “We see day in day out how hard all the volunteers and Trustees work to keep the place open for the benefit of our local community, people use the facilities for their own private parties as well as so many other charity groups in the area that use the venue for their shows and events. We urge people to continue to do this once it is safe for The Solway Hall to reopen, this way they will have an income once again to help with their running costs.

“The show must go on. We have set up a donation page to help in the meantime and we ask people to donate, if you can."

If anyone would like to make a larger donation or do a fundraiser, call 07722589859 or email

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