A six-year-old girl parted with some of her beloved unicorns to support those on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic fight.

Betsy Gregg, of Ruskin Drive, Whitehaven, sold some of her toys in her garden to raise money for the NHS.

Mum Vicky said: "We've talked about the NHS and what the doctors and nurses are doing and she said she would like to sell some of her toys to make some money for them.

"She's a big unicorn fan and she still decided to sell some of those.

"When people were walking past she would tell them why she was selling the toys, it was a lovely day."

Betsy was helped by her siblings Tilly, 12, and Kobi, 10.

Vicky said: "We're really lucky that we've got good neighbours and they've been so generous and recognised her efforts."

Betsy has raised £80 in a day with her sale.

"She's chuffed to bits and she's amazed about how much she's made."