The coronavirus lockdown in Scotland are likely to be somewhat relaxed next week.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced today that from next Thursday, it was likely that restrictions will be lifted on certain activities.

This first stage of the lockdown's easing, "phase one", will involve the reopening of garden centres and recycling facilities, and will once again allow activities such as fishing, golf, tennis and bowls to take place.

Forestry and farming work will also be allowed to take place again.

Sitting in public parks and open areas will also be allowed, as will meeting people who live in different homes.

However, people from different households should stay two metres apart.

Visits to other people's homes will still not be allowed.

Mrs Sturgeon said the Scottish Government was keen to ease lockdown where possible, given the continuing damage it was doing to Scotland's economy.

"Today we are setting out the phases in which we will aim to ease lockdown and reduce the impact on all of us - individuals, families, communities and businesses," she said.

"The steps we will take are by necessity gradual and incremental - and they must also be matched with rigorous, ongoing monitoring of the virus.

"There is no completely risk-free way of lifting lockdown.

"But we must mitigate the risks as much as we can and we must not at any stage act rashly or recklessly."