"Alcohol and water don't mix".

That is the message of Whitehaven Coastguard Rescue Team after two people were swimming in the harbour at Queens Dock, with one of the two struggling to get out.

"We're all volunteers and although we would have turned out to provide assistance without a second thought, this sort of thing, at this moment in time, is unacceptable and completely avoidable," a statement from the team said.

The pair were spotted when the station officer was walking along the harbour. Safety advice was given and the incident was logged with CGOC (Coast Guard Operations Centre) Belfast Coastguard.

"This should go without saying but alcohol and water don't mix and the outcome could have been a lot worse, involving the team turning out and more than likely the RNLI being requested to attend," the statement continued.

"Please take care and don't take any unnecessary risks.

In an emergency on the coast or at sea call 99️9️ and ask for the coastguard.