A council were forced to miss some recycling collections yesterday as two of their vehicles were unavailable.

Copeland Borough Council were unable to make recycling collections in the areas of Bigrigg and Sandwith but will return today to collect from any streets that were missed.

Streets affected in Bigrigg included Peel Gardens, High Street, Cain Street and Downfield Lane.

In Sandwith, streets affected included: Lowther Court, Geelong Terrace and Woodside among others.

In an online post, the council said "Two of our vehicles are off the road today. If you are due a collection it could well be affected.

"We are currently working hard to get the vehicles back in action and will post more information here and on social media when we have it."

Some areas of Moresby Parks had a partial recycling collection Monday due to a vehicle fire. The council will collect the remaining glass and paper on Saturday.