During Mental Health Awareness Week and throughout lockdown, one school has done its best to keep pupils smiling and supported.

Youngsters and staff at St Bees School feel the transition to online learning has been seamless, with communication being key to the success.

And with mental health at the centre of discussions this week, those at the private school are proud to say pupils' happiness is their top priority.

Headteacher, Roger Sinnett, said: “It is imperative that we keep up communication with staff, students and parents – both on academic matters, but also matter of mental health and wellbeing.

“Alongside regular emails home, our fully trained and attentive mental health staff leads are on hand in providing that support for anyone within the staff community.

"One of our biggest features of St Bees, which we are most proud of, is our unique mentoring system – where students discuss their goals, challenges and ambitions with a designated member of staff."

He continued: "Using Teams, we have managed to continue with this part of our school day – to huge benefit to the students. They are fully able to express themselves, in a confidential setting, with a teacher they trust.”

As part of the school's Global Awareness Programme, students were asked to list the top 10 things that made them happy, with everything from friends and family, giving back and self-understanding to school mentioned by the children.

One St Bees parent said: "The St Bees online learning has really benefited our family as a whole.

"We use the time table as a basis for our family day so everyone is up, showered and ready to go by 8.30am. We all capitalise on the set breaks and play football, rounders, cricket or frisby during the morning break and at lunchtime.

"This enables us to have good quality family time as well as seeing to our mental and physical well being. As you say [at the school], work hard, play hard.”

For more details on the school's virtual lessons and online support, visit the St Bees School Facebook page.