An artist is set to auction off her work for a worthy cause.

Bianca Spencer, 27, of Mosswell Terrace has painted a pair of hands applauding the NHS, accompanied by rainbow colours as a symbol of thanks to those on the front-line of the fight against Covid-19. The painting will be auctioned off on Friday May 29 in aid of North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Explaining the inspiration behind the painting, Bianca said: "It was inspired by people clapping for the NHS on Thursday nights. The reason I did them in monochrome is because we're all in the same situation."

Bianca studied art at college but did not pursue the hobby any further until recently. The extra free time due to lockdown has led her to rediscover the passion and she has completed a number of commissioned projects in the past month.

To take part in the charity auction, visit and search 'Clap For NHS'.